Standing desk
with sitting legs
and waterproof top

  • $300.00 NZD

Change your work set-up to suit your mood with our sit to stand combo. Designed to fold away into a lightweight, compact, carry case for easy storage. Pop it under your bed or move room to room to keep the kids guessing. To change from sitting to standing simply swap the legs. Easy bo beasy. 

It's no secret, cardboard and wet things like water aren't too friendly. So we offer a highly-durable, easy to clean, waterproof topper. Got a tendency to spill your coffee? Don't stress. 

As with everything Refold, the design is lightweight on the planet and solid in form and function. 100% recyclable. 100% made right here in Wellington, New Zealand.

— Desktop surface: 66cm deep x 110cm wide 
Standing heights:
— Small: 100cm high 
— Medium: 105cm high
— Large: 110cm high

— Sitting height 76cm high

For custom height desks please get in touch with the team