It's no secret, cats f*cking love cardboard

So, we’ve sunk our claws into a project just for pets – born from the frustrations of ugly and oily pet paraphernalia. May we purrrsent Pet Project by Refold. A range of pet play things that are easy on the eye, and the planet! 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and made with non-toxic, enviro-friendly, water based glue. A mouthful we know, but it’s also peace of mind for when your furry friend takes one too. 

Perch. Purr. Perfect.

Scratchy pet palace

Now is the time to get Kevin off the couch and into his own place. You probably can’t afford your own real pet palace, because let’s face it, it’s really a sellers market at the moment. So, think of this as a promise ring for your pet. They get their very own home and you’ve just bought yourself some time.

Zoomies tunnel

Now you can make zoomies even more enjoyable with this planet friendly prop. When things get a little too playful the scratchy cat tunnel can magically transform into the perfect shield for your shins — you’re welcome. 

Cat cave

Is it just us or do most cat play things look and feel like they have been designed in the Stone Age? They are oh so ugly on the eye and the planet. We thought enough is enough and have designed a scratchable cat cave for a non-caveman era.

Up-to-scratch design

(See what we did there - genius)

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